Welcome to Schmuck.unikART!

I am glad to present my work to you. My name is Claudia Gold (really, no joke!), I am an Austrian jewelry-artist. Each piece you see in my page is unique, designed and created by me. I use different kinds of metal, precious stones, but also unconventional materials, which are uncommon in traditional jewelry.

In Aktuelle Kollektion I show you my recent work, in  Archiv you get an impression of my work. The Startseite informs you about my current activities and dates of exhibitions (sorry, only in German). If you have any questions, please Kontakt me.


And now:

Let the work talk to you. When you feel an inner response you become part of the art as well as the art becomes part of your personality. That's the magic moment!

What you wear should underline your personality. This can be achieved  by harmony, but also by creating a counterpoint to the styling you are used to.

In life you need both: rest and challenge, stability and change - and you feel good when they are in balance. Jewelry is a fine field to play with contradiction and correspondence - especially when the jewels you wear are as unique as your personality!